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In our schedule, hikes, ski trips, bike trips and multi-day camping/hiking trips are classified for difficulty by the descriptors Low, Moderate, and Difficult. Low refers to little elevation gain and gentle terrain. Most club members should have little trouble undertaking such a hike, ski or bike trip. Moderate refers to elevation gain up to 650 metres, some rocky terrain, and some steep slopes. Hikers/skiers/bikers should be quite fit and able to maintain a good pace for up to 5 hours. Difficult hikes etc. feature elevation gain of up to 1000 metres, steep climbs and slopes, rock outcrops, exposed slopes, cliffs and steep descents, sometimes over scree slopes. Hikers, skiers, and bikers must be fit, experienced, and able to maintain long ascents. Hikes may take up to 8 hours. Hiking poles are strongly recommended.

The default meeting place is in Penticton at the Fairview Home Plaza Parking Lot (diagonally across from Home Hardware on Fairview Road) unless otherwise noted in the schedule.
Meeting times are set by the event leader but, in the spring/summer season, trips generally begin at 8:00am to avoid heat later in the day. In the fall/winter season they usually begin at 9:00am. Always check the current schedule for location and start times for events.
On long weekends there is usually no hike scheduled, though any member is welcome to organize a hike and advertise it in advance through the club President or Secretary.

Individuals electing to carpool to the trailhead are asked to help defray driver costs. Suggested amounts based on driving time one-way are: 15-30 minutes, $5; 30-60 minutes, $10; over 60 minutes, $15.
Leaders have complete control over their trips. If you have called and are unable to go, please phone the leader so that people will not be kept waiting.

There is a designated leader (with phone number) for each scheduled event. The leader is in charge of the hike or event. Please phone the leader in advance to register. This saves time waiting at meeting places for members who may or may not show up. If you have queries about the event, the leader can answer them in advance. If you are thinking of bringing along a dog, please ask the leader in advance.

A suitable daypack is essential. Bring at least 1.5 litres of water, more if the day promises to be hot and the hike strenuous. In summer a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen are highly recommended. Pack a lunch and snacks. Bring hiking poles for the more difficult hikes or if specifically recommended for a particular hike. A first aid kit is a good idea, as is toilet paper. Summer gaiters are useful to prevent pine needles, dirt, dust and spear grass seeds from getting into socks and boots. Consider wearing long pants where scratchy / spiky brush or deadfall timber may present a scratching hazard. In spring, wear long pants (tucked into socks) to avoid ticks, and check your clothes and exposed skin during and after the hike.

Early and late season hikes, especially at higher elevations, may take hikers into snow. Be prepared for snow, slush, and slippery or wet conditions. Waterproof boots, snow gaiters and poles are recommended.

Hikes and other events are carefully organized to be as safe as possible. Hikers etc. are expected to come suitably clothed, with proper boots and equipment, and to be entirely self sufficient with adequate food and drink. Individuals are responsible for choosing events that best suit and do not exceed their capabilities. If in doubt, ask the leader. It is the prerogative of the leader to refuse or turn back any person who, in their opinion, is not properly equipped or fit enough.

Penticton Outdoors Club has been organizing multi-day summer hiking trips to national and provincial parks that offer outstanding hikes. In the past two years, these have included three-to five-day trips to Banff National Park, Yoho NP, Waterton Lakes NP, Glacier NP (Montana), the Kootenays, the Purcells and Manning Park. Any club member is welcome to propose and plan such a trip for the upcoming summer period. Members are responsible for their own camping or other accommodation arrangements, and for transportation, including car sharing. Notice of such trips will be sent out electronically by email well in advance.
This is your club. Please come to the annual general meeting, social events, and planning meetings and consider offering to lead hikes, skis, snow shoeing, kayaking and bike trips. Notice of all meetings and events is in the current schedule, or through email notices.

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